The Latella Neuro-muscular Training System (LNTS®) is poised to revolutionize Neuro-Physical Therapy

The Latella system is a scientifically validated neuromuscular mobilization protocol that dynamically enhances motor learning through specific, neuro- functional, and multiple rotational patterns of in-position training.

The program of therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation includes rotation against resistance to make subsequent motor learning more precise and provide for enhanced control over specific muscle groups. This re-education of precise muscle groups dramatically improves a participant’s movement, performance, and rehabilitation. As a result, individuals with disabilities and healthy individuals seeking to improve performance are simply better able to strengthen and coordinate their movement using the LNTS®.

The LNTS® is superior to traditional therapeutic exercise, which forces patients to follow a “one size fits all” methodology. Instead, the Latella system adapts to individuals, directing them out of compensation patterns; activating muscles that have been dysfunctional and dormant; providing improved stability, mobilization, and motor coordination; and reducing physical limitations.

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