The Latella Method: Innovation Through Inspiration

The Latella Neuro-muscular Training System®—which includes specialized equipment and a series of sport-specific and personalized exercises—is founded upon the principles of proprioception, defined as the ability of human beings to sense stimuli within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium. Proprioception refers to our uncanny ability to know almost exactly where our arms, legs, or fingers are without looking at them.

The body is equipped with a variety of sensory mechanisms that are vital to movement. These special protectives and enhancing sensors operate by constantly communicating with the spinal column and brain to avoid injury and facilitate movement. Of course, these critical structures are not especially concerned with the outcome of a swing movement–they exist to provide valuable information about body positions and motion. But by understanding how they work, any individual can put them to sport-specific use.

The video is the outcomes from the Latella Method; the inspiration is drawn from a Paraplegic Tennis Pro, who was left unable to walk without assistance before we worked together. He is my hero!

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