Neuroscience and Movement.....

Latella Neuromuscular Training Systems provides expertise in the utilization of neuroscience- proprioception, neuromuscular facilitation, kinesthetic awareness as a precursor to “any “other type of training. Most importantly, it is a movement, sport-specific, in-position training phenomenon validated through science, research, and now Patented IP.

LNTS was not developed by exposure to the maximal loads’ tradition but through an improved understanding of the intent to be strong and explosive across the entire developmental sequence. With LNTS, performance is like an orchestra where the key players will vary in their contribution based on a necessary sequence and timing. Showing this commitment to the physical preparation process allows for fluidity to be achieved where there is no distinction between strength, power, or endurance. While there is an obvious difference between players' abilities, the LNTS training focuses on their individual, sport-specific positions and then applies the summation effect in team performance. Thus, there is no difference between players and maximum efforts; there is only excellence in the task at hand.

LNTS personnel believes in training environments that emphasize high performance; embedding good processes within the culture is critical, especially if that environment is interdisciplinary. A quality process trumps analysis by a factor of six. The clarity of the signal received from the training process in athlete evaluation and monitoring is of the utmost importance. First, leaders need to establish standards and expectations that create an appropriate environment for teams and athletes to flourish. This training culture is to talent what soil is to a garden. Second, athletes need to restructure how they view the monitoring process.

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