More on Analytics: LNTS as the Solution to Data Collection

I believe that performance is based on the neuromuscular ability to move into position. Tendencies are predicated on the repetition of numbers; The Latella Neuromuscular Training System creates motor learning pathways that improve the physical ability to generate better numbers. Lefty vs. righty stats in batters, shifts used against batters, are just feeding the same data. I will create unique motor learning skills that form a specific, "practical and functional" application, allow the batter to hit against anyone, bat against any shift - period. Performance is the data, not tendencies, the physical ability to withstand agility, speed, balance, movement fatigue against your opponent while overcoming these same issues. That is DATA that is more important than hypothetical tendencies.

I am in the minority here. I do not believe that analytics alone would give the player an edge when analyzing and improving performance. I have addressed this publicly. Is it possible I care more about analytics than I lead on? Sure. More likely, I may interpret the analytics differently to avoid predicting away tendencies for when teams/players/rehab athletes prepare to participate.

My validated and now Patented Latella Neuromuscular Training System can provide proper biomechanics, more efficient sequencing of sport-specific movement patterns, with far more incredible style and enduring characteristics for injury prevention, far beyond the "mundanity" of statistics.

Most data analytics just numbers, numbers that provide some baseline of predictability. Actual time body movements, biomechanics in real split-second time are based on neuromuscular activity. Exit velocity, launch angle, trajectory, are all resulting from the "summation of forces principle."

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