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Updated: Jun 29

Latella Method applies the Tensegrity concept as a new approach to manual therapy centered on the relationship of the whole body with an individual’s interaction with their environment. Based on bio-tensegrity concepts, the method approaches a body comprised of equal forces of tensional compression and distraction. Thus, it must be trained in the same manner in which it exists and certainly during the performance of any movement.

Differing from traditional therapy approaches that treat symptoms and body parts in isolation, Latella instead examines and treats the global adaptive patterns that develop following injury, trauma, or repetitive movement patterns.

Latella Method; with its unique form of therapy, derives its foundation from the latest research and clinical findings related to fascia, movement, kinesiology, and proprioception, to understand more global concepts related to health and wellness.

What does all this mean during a golf swing? The complex system of nerves and muscles that regulates movement and force reacts mainly by switching the roles of certain muscles. A muscle group may behave as a stabilizer, a neutralizer, and/or a prime mover, all within the same swing. Golfers who are not prepared to meet the physical demands of this high-speed switching activity will experience frequent frustration. For this reason, the Latella Method training program, rooted in functional exercises that mimic the specific movement patterns of the golf swing, will be more effective than work with fixed machines or isolated muscle training routines.

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