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The connection between mind and body is critical to athletic performance and rehabilitation. Sensory maps in the brain control our movement patterns, but forming the connection between mind and body is more complex than simply whipping out an atlas of the mind. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as muscle memory. Your brain is a processing center. It does not generate anything; it just connects the mass of incoming signals in a way that predictably controls our outgoing signals. The structures of these neural maps are constantly changing throughout our lives to optimize our day-to-day functionality. An organism will adapt to the demands placed upon it. Simply put, everybody's movement provides sensory feedback for the brain to process and adapt to. The Latella Neuromuscular Training System development has captured this phenomenon through innovative, sequential movement patterns to elicit these responses for enhancing any movement.

If you want to maximize your movement potential (i.e., increase strength, enhance coordination, boost mobility, and improve stability), you need to understand how to tap into this body-mind feedback loop to optimize your training time. LNTS is like a GPS for the body. An organized “roadmap” for the body, reducing neurophysiological limitations that present in any movement position.

Whether we are picking up a glass, swinging a bat, reading a book, or walking down a step, proprioception is constantly monitoring the input from the nerve sensors in your body to ensure that the output to your muscles is as perfect as possible. LNTS enhances the necessary Motor Learning to facilitate such movements - particularly in individuals with disabilities.

The LNTS® quite simply facilitates and enhances the proprioceptive phenomenon that is already at work within the body. Utilizing patented specialized equipment to enhance neuromuscular facilitation, LNTS incorporates Patented, specifically sequenced, biomechanically correct functional movements of “rotation against resistance. The LNTS feedback is unlike that enabled by any other training program, as it allows users to feel errors as they occur and correct them. Thus, LNTS becomes a GPS for the body.

While the LNTS® is predicated on complex scientific knowledge of the body, its greatest advantage is its simplicity of delivery and broad applicability to sports, rehabilitation, disabled veterans, and aging populations.

LNTS methodology and scientific foundations have been validated, with the research subsequently published by the University of Pittsburgh Sports Medicine Lab, after which LNTS was ultimately Patented. Another successful clinical Trial at the Manhattan VA Hospital has led to the implementation of LNTS in the hospital Biomechanics/PT Lab. The most recent successful trial was just completed at the MT. Sinai Neurology PT Dept in Manhattan, NY. Numerous events within the PGA and LPGA, Olympic Track and Field, numerous Wounded Warrior Programs, and hundreds of clients in rehabilitation and PT programs, major collegiate programs have all met with unequivocal success.

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