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Latella Neuromuscular Training Systems

LNTS, The Latella Method, considers the Tensegrity concept as a new approach to manual therapy centered on the relationship of the whole body with an individual’s interaction with their environment. “Tensegrity” derives from collapsing the words “tension” and “integrity” and means that the integrity of these classes of structures depends on the balance of tension within it.

Laws of TENSEGRITY govern our bodies, modern architecture, and the universe itself. The body is not a rigid skeleton with muscles and ligaments attached. It is a delicate balance of tensile and compressive forces that hold all the structures in perfect balance. When muscles become too strong or too weak, when ligaments are sprained, or poor posture is the norm, we lose TENSEGRITY. The loss of TENSEGRITY is a leading cause of sports-related injuries and chronic pain syndromes. Whether it be an imbalance of the muscles, joints, diet, or lifestyle, restoring this balance is essential to healing. All structures in the universe are supported by a balance between tension and compression, between “push” and “pull.” Shear, bending, and other forces are just combinations of basic tension and compression. Bodies, however, are constructed with strict evolutionary limits on weight, so continuous compression is not a good model for building a body.

The Latella method approaches a body comprised of “equal forces of tensional compression and distraction.” Thus, it must be trained in the same manner in which it exists and certainly during the performance of any movement. The method’s unique form of therapy derives its foundation from the latest research and clinical findings related to fascia, movement, kinesiology, and proprioception. World renown Human Performance expert skip Latella, MS, with over 35 years of neuroscience and practical application, has 3 Patents in Neuromuscular, Sport Specific training, with expertise in the functional application of neuro-tensegrity.

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