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The LNTS solution is like a GPS for the body. It allows for the proper mapping and innervation of the Central Nervous System. Latella states,” …the brain visualizes what the correct movement to perform is, the body will do what comes easiest.” Therein lies the conflict. “When athletes cannot attain certain sport-specific positions, the body will create and adapt to physical limitations through some other compensation of movement,” Latella says that his validated methodology works toward the application of sport-specific and rehabilitation of the correct movement patterns. Like “coding” the correct sequential patterns needed to perform a golf swing, rehab for specific abnormalities, or any other movement.

Skip Latella, Founder of LNTS, gratefully acknowledges and borrows a quote from Abraham Lincoln who stated, “… To predict the future, you have to invent it.” For over 45 years, Latella has been acknowledged as a leader of innovation and research into applying new motor learning techniques. Do not be fooled by copycat training systems that claim mind-body connection or sport-specific training. Through constant, innovative improvements, and successful adaption of new motor learning methods, Latella continues to provide the vision needed for the performance and healthcare of the future.

Being a leader means never following, as evidenced by three Patents over the last 20 years. Beginning with the first-ever Sport Specific Training for Golf, the second Patent of Motor Learning for Swing Sports, Skip now has a third Patent for Proper Rotational Movement Against Resistance for Motor Leaning Adaption. Enlisting simultaneous brain-body connections throughout the entire body, this new “athletic coding” sequence will produce more functionally specific outcomes.

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