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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

To improve, you have to move....correctly. Proper motor learning, through Neuromuscular education, is the key—no weights, throwing medicine balls around, swinging "wildly" out of your shoes. The "only" way to create long-lasting improvement in the biomechanics of the golf swing is through the neurotensegrity and motor learning patterns of Latella Neuromuscular Trainings Systems. The validated research and science do not lie. For over 35 yrs, Skip Latella has improved the mechanics of the swing. Skip was able to train a former World Ranked #1 Player, recovering from well-known back injuries, back onto the Tour, winning again. He has helped dozens of other PGA professionals and amateurs alike. Results speak volumes.

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The LNTS solution is like a GPS for the body. It allows for the proper mapping and innervation of the Central Nervous System. Latella states,” …the brain visualizes what the correct movement to perfor