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Heavy Weight Training isn't the answer...

Although golfers have a wide array of swing styles and teaching philosophies to choose from, execution always comes down to the same basic elements: clubhead speed, clubface angle, club path, club angle of attack, and solidness of ball impact. Of course, all these factors are affected by a player’s physical ability, so a strength coach working with golfers should promote optimal mechanics and movement patterns within the athlete’s capabilities and get results without harming the athlete's body. These are all the inherent by-products of the Latella Method.

Latella applies the Tensegrity concept as a new approach to movement therapy centered on the relationship of the whole body with an individual’s interaction with their environment. Based on bio-tensegrity concepts, the method approaches a body comprised of equal forces of tensional compression and distraction. Thus, it must be trained in the same manner in which it exists and certainly during the performance of any movement.

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