Analytics means nothing without a solution to correct impaired performance...

The Latella Method provides proper biomechanics, more efficient sequencing of sport-specific movement patterns, far greater style, enduring characteristics for injury prevention, far beyond the “mundanity” of statistics.

Most data analytics just numbers. Numbers that provide some baseline of predictability. Real-time body movements, biomechanics in real split-second time are based on neuromuscular activity. Exit velocity, launch angle, trajectory, are all resulting from the “summation of forces principle.”

The body, given specific information, will process these “numbers.” Still, it is your Central Nervous System, your senses of sight, touch, sound, vestibular, that provide the natural tools to produce significant change.

Not just one, but all in combination, through proper sequencing, with the uncanny ability to improve kinesthetic awareness, knowing where your body is in space, in time and how to react in a split second in the performance of any movement.

Numbers are the result of this; numbers cannot be sustained successfully without this unique training. Thus, Latella Method solves the jigsaw puzzle we commonly refer to as movement.

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