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A Unique Approach to Movement and Recovery

Through the LNTS®, sensory feedback boosts the mind’s processing speed, strengthens synaptic connections, and expands or creates neural networks for what is being practiced.

While the LNTS® is predicated on complex scientific knowledge of the body, its greatest advantage is its simplicity of delivery and broad applicability to sports, rehabilitation, disabled veterans, and aging populations.

LNTS applies the Tensegrity concept as a new approach to manual therapy centered on the relationship of the whole body with an individual’s interaction with their environment. Based on bio-tensegrity concepts, the method approaches a body comprised of equal forces of tensional compression and distraction. Thus, it must be trained in the same manner in which it exists and certainly during the performance of any movement.

Differing from traditional therapy approaches that treat symptoms and body parts in isolation, LNTS instead examines and treats the global adaptive patterns that develop following injury, trauma, or repetitive movement patterns.

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