OUr Methodology


LNTS considers the  Neurotensegrity concept as a new approach to movement therapy centered on the relationship of the whole body with an individual’s interaction with their environment.  


Based upon bio tensegrity concepts derived from Stephen Levin’s biologic interpretation of Buckminster Fuller’s concepts of Tensegrity, the method approaches a body comprised of “equal forces of tensional compression and distraction.” 


Thus, it must be trained in the same manner it in which it exists and certainly during performance of any movement.

Biotensegrity Catcher.jpg

Along with physical injury or a disease process, the individual’s response to life’s stresses lead to symptoms and loss of function. LNTS bio and neuro tensegrity principles evaluate and address, the whole person; their relationship with their environment to create increased awareness and choices for modified behavior and movement.  Sequential neurophysiological patterns of biomechanical improvement are introduced and explored, to modify these patterns and to introduce a new way of being.

Differing from traditional therapy approaches that treat symptoms and body parts in isolation, LNTS instead examines and treats the global adaptive patterns that develop following injury, trauma, or repetitive movement patterns. 


Sports Performance

The Latella Neuromuscular Training System (LNTS) application and its medically validated solutions is on a medical mission to make physical therapy and sports movement performance more effective for athletes and more measurable for clinicians and insurance companies. 


LNTS is the beneficiary of several decades of work by F. Skip Latella, its Founder and CEO, regarding proprioceptive neuromuscular stimulation associated with neuro-physical training, improved balance, strength, and mobility, including the training of numerous high-performance and high-profile athletes.  The science provides low-impact methods to enhance muscle sequencing and neurologically enhanced performance.  Over the years, professional golfers, professional NHL players, tennis players, Wounded Warriors, Warrior Game Coaches, the U.S. Para-Archery and Archery Teams, members of USA Para Track and Field, and several high profile collegiate athletic programs, have utilized the LNTS methodology.  Several independent studies have validated the benefits of the LNTS methodology, including the University of Pittsburgh Neuroscience and Sports Medicine Lab, and the Manhattan VA. 

Education and Curriculum

The Latella Neuromuscular Training System (LNTS) is perfectly suited to educational programs and a focused curriculum for a range of clients undergoing rehabilitation and those looking to improve their sports performance.


LNTS can advise therapists and trainers to understand in more detail the client’s history of lifestyle stressors, coping mechanisms, and belief systems which may be driving their current physiologic state. Video analysis, discussions about these patterns, is interwoven into the treatment setting to alter patterns which may no longer be serving the individual and may be contributing to their pain or dysfunction.